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Being intentional about incorporating strategic partnerships can help you capitalize on your efforts and avoid leaving value on the table:

  • gain exposure to larger quantities of the right people- ideal customers or a new market segment
  • increase sales, cut costs or create another (potentially passive) revenue stream
  • uplevel your customer experience + encourage engagement
  • strengthen bond and credibility through endorsement of other brands that your audience trusts
  • contribute to something bigger than yourself, your entrepreneurial community


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  • venue + resource sharing
  • experiential + virtual events
  • social media support + cross-promotions
  • affiliate + referral relationships
  • guest blogging + round up posts
  • webinars + interviews
  • styled shoots + branded materials
  • physical + digital product creation





Hey, biz fam.

Whatever it is that you're doing in business, it's important - and there are people out there right now that need what you offer, in they way that you're offering it, in order to improve their life. 

But you and your team don't have to do everything on your own.

In fact, there are a lot of things you shouldn't do solo. And if you are, you're missing opportunities that could make a massive difference in your success.

So you think: Okay but, to be honest, I'm in pretty good shape already. So, what's next?

Sometimes we simply don't know the different ways we could be working with other businesses. Sometimes it's not about starting something new, but making what we've already put energy into better

CoCatalyze was built to provide the tools and resources to help spark partnerships and collaborative marketing projects that deepen your brand relationship with those you're already serving, and reach more people just like them. 

Here's a few resources to get rolling, and then we'll take a sneak peek into how we can further set up those win-wins:

(1) If you haven't already snagged your spot to be considered for B2B matching opportunities, sign up here.  Your intake form will enter you into the consideration mix for peer-to-peer business collaborations. You'll also gain access to curated connection events with like-minded leaders and other opportunities that make sense for you, your business and your goals. 

(2) Check out the Go Further Together podcast on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher! Hosting entrepreneurs from diverse stages, scale and type of business- we'll cover partnership shortcuts and innovation through collaboration in under 30 minutes. 

(3) Have a game-changing partnership/collaboration story? Submit your info (or nominate a biz friend) to potentially get featured on social media, in articles and/or on the podcast. 

(4) Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for behind-the-scenes access and updates!

Social media disclaimer: small wins and epic fails are a part of business, so we'll be sharing both ;)  

You game?

Good- because we're going to tackle this together.


Additional Support

Areas of expertise:

  • Brand, mission, unique strength/spin and ideal customer clarity
  • Brand-centric and high-touch events, retreats, masterminds, and award program strategy
  • Integrating intentional and tailored components to your customer/ client/ member journey
  • Strengthening existing event efforts through experiential sponsorships and micro events
  • Forcing ROI through facilitating internal collaboration in B2B communities
  • Partnership and collaboration selection, alignment and targeting 
  • Cross-partnership strategy and sourcing across different types of business (i.e. large brand to startup/small business) and engaging your community
  • Relationship building from a place of service

Contact JC at and we can strategize a solution that fits your brand, objectives and audience.